Our Origins

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Our story and the origin of this site


Hey! Hi everyone, I'm the creator of this site: Guking


Klein bottle? A four-dimensional bottle?


Do you know how fanatical an urn player can be?


How did I learn about Klein bottles? It started with Möbius rings, then I tried to make my own paper rings of Möbius rings, and finally Klein bottles that I learned about through Möbius.


Hi~! How to display this thing? Just imagining it already made my brain hurt.


That's when I tried to make it with foam, rattan, resin, plastic, metal, and 3D printing, but I found that even with the skeletonization technique, It doesn't come out well because it's not transparent.


Later, after a long time of hand-blown glass, I could operate it skillfully and make transparent and beautiful bottles, but it was also one of the most difficult to make.It's a special gift, isn't it?


At first I made Klein bottles for my own amusement, when I was able to make Klein bottles I was excited, I made a lot of them and became more and more skillful in the process until I made Klein bottles with smooth lines and neat interfaces, I decided to start for sale Klein bottles, a process that I experienced a lot and had fun in the process.


We initially put it on Ebay, we put it on Etsy, we put it up for sale on Amazon, all with malicious complaints from our peers, and my pride and joy of the alcohol lamp was not avoided.


“Regular glass Klein bottle


I don't think the 3D model of the Klein bottle should be monopolized by some people, nor do I think it's reasonable for some people to own the copyright.


So I browsed many websites, books and papers, such as 《Basic Topology》, which had a lot of information, including pictures.


《Klein bottle as crucible》Published in Physics Today 1975 - B. A. Landry - AIP - 1975



If you are interested you can read 《basic Topology》 M. A. Armstrong by M. A. Armstrong, a British topologist, published in 1981.






So I decided that I would make a website and put all my models on it so that more people could buy better products and services at the right price.


Of course I registered the copyright for my design myself, because I don't want to be hit again.


We also hope to provide you with quality Klein bottle for sales service.


Some of them have been made and shared with you, I hope you will like them.

Come see the drawings we designed.