Klein bottle prices

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The price of a Klein bottle depends first of all on the material he is made of, with the workmanship.


Those made from plastic moulds can be very affordable, but no businessman wants to make it, because once mass production is achieved, the only way to do so is to face a loss of money.

Why is this?


  1. First of all, the initial investment is too huge and one pair of moulds is expensive. If there are several models, this invariably adds to the cost.
  2. Secondly, the reality is that Klein bottle products are niche products and sales must be very low.
  3. Using moulds to produce is bound to be highly productive, and the Klein bottles produced will face lagging sales.


So, which materials or processes are suitable for the production of Klein bottles?


1、3D printing takes too long and is relatively costly.
The time period for printing is short and the price is low, like this.



2. Glass blowing


This is the best solution, it has a good transparency to present the difference between the inside and the outside. It is also very affordable. It is particularly difficult to produce and requires a master craftsman to produce a beautiful Klein bottle.
Then because it is too hot, especially in summer, to bear, we pre-produce some stock in summer.


Generally speaking, a glass Klein bottle costs around $30, but they come in different sizes. The smaller the Klein bottle, the more difficult it is to make.



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