Unrestricted loading of Klein bottles?

Klein bottle can never be filled (never be filled UP、really can not be filled)?
Is the Klein bottle really not full?
Can Klein bottles be filled full with water?
Does the Klein bottle really exist?
Klein bottle is not in 4D?
Can Klein bottle hold the water of the Pacific Ocean(Can the water of the Pacific Ocean fill it up)?
Can Klein bottles Fish farming?

Is the Klein bottle a bottomless pit?




Fish farming?


Yes, if you have enough fish fry!


Oh~! O my Buddha, Jade Emperor, God, and Allah~!

You can't be serious, can you?


I'm really sorry if you actually read comments like this and are ready to ask, it means you probably need to keep learning what a Klein bottle is.


It is not a prop used by the gods in Chinese mythology, such as a gourd that can hold a large number of items.


A space ring as described in fantasy novels?


Sorry, how could it exist in reality? If my container could be infinite, I would be the richest person in the world, or maybe I'm not human~!


Preparing the lesson plan ing... We are still refining this article, there are so many things to write. Looking forward to your visit yo~!


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