How to fill and clean?

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nstructions for filling, drying and cleaning Klein bottles


How to fill Klein bottles with water

Everyone is a curious little baby and I am no exception. When I first made a glass Klein bottle, I couldn't wait to fill it with water.

However, if you want to explore fluid dynamics, here are some suggestions.

Don't just pour water into your Klein bottle; it won't fill up.



Instead, it's fun to fill the bottle with water, e.g. air pressure, siphoning, etc.; You can also search for lots of videos on TikTok and ins by typing in the keyword 'Klein bottle' for reference. Add a drop of colouring at the end, it's beautiful.


As for how to seal it, I'm sure there are many ways you can do this, and wouldn't it be boring if I described them all?


We won't provide you with too many accessories such as syringes, cork etc. We think it would take away a lot of the fun. Wouldn't it be more fun to do it yourself?


How to dry your Klein bottles

If you fill your Klein bottle with water, letting it cool and dry can be a bit difficult as it doesn't have much natural air circulation, so it will take a few weeks to dry on its own, perhaps leaving a watermark.


If you want to let it dry, we recommend the following methods.

  1. Rinse the Klein bottle with water and try to avoid leaving a watermark after drying.
  2. Do not leave the Klein bottle with the mouth down, this will block the outlet and cause no air circulation and the moisture will only circulate in the Klein bottle and not evaporate.
  3. Place in a dry place. Leave for about 1 week.


A quick way you can do this.


1, Rinse well with water, then fill with alcohol and rinse once to allow the alcohol to replace the water and evaporate quickly.
2. Wrap the Klein bottle in an easily absorbent material such as paper towels to allow it to evaporate water quickly.


What if there is dirt?


This is actually very simple Wrap a chopped cotton cloth or rag around a magnet (magnetic powder) to get inside and use the magnet on the outside. Isn't this easy?


Uh-oh! Maybe you have a better idea.



  1. It is not recommended to go in the sun, as well as into the oven, microwave and especially to rinse with alcohol, as many people will overlook the blocked exit and cause accidents.
  2. It is strictly forbidden to use the Klein bottle as a chemical test, as he is rather closed, non-volatile and dangerous.