journey of heart

Author: klein4d Release time: 2024-05-24 14:06:13 View number: 39

Hello everyone I am Guking.

I am very interested in tech products and I started making some models at a very early age, which I occasionally share on my social media sites as a way to get orders.


2017 - My e-commerce store opens. An Ebay-like e-commerce platform.

2018 - I try to sell on Amazon, unfortunately, he will incur an intellectual property complaint and is forced to shut down, completely ignoring my protests.

2019 - I try to sell on and not long after, I am also forced to go out of business, completely ignoring my protests.

2020 - My online store is opened with the domain name:, which is still accessible. but it will point to

2021 - I officially sell on Etsy and am honored not to be shut down, but to have a few pieces available for sale, so perhaps the protest I made had an effect.

2022 - I attempt to sell on Ebay and am unfortunately forced to go out of business, completely ignoring my protest.

2022 - goes live, along with the addition of silverware, 3D printing, and enriching the Klein bottle format.

  • Someone asked why a new domain name was registered, I don't know because I'm not very expert and I was told that domains starting with a number are not search engine friendly.
  • I don't have much energy to make a protest, and I am not rich and not proficient in English. So I had to create a website to share and I hope you will like it.
  • Why was there a complaint? Because it's registered as graphic intellectual property. I am very angry, the reason can click here to see.

2022-12-15 21:24:02 - Came the first order, 

  • thanks to Lan T**n's support, you are lucky (just kidding), thanks again.

2022.12 - Website updated version 1.2.

  • Added email function, can send email to retrieve password, etc.
  • Third party login, currently supports: Facebook, Twitter, Google.
  • Added new payment methods.

2023.02 - We published Ferrofluid

  • There are ferrofluid rhythms.
  • There is ferrofluid in a bottle.

2023.2.14 - Found out on Valentine's Day that the site was attacked.

  • It caused the link to my TikTok channel at the bottom of the site to automatically redirect to a messed up site.
  • As a result, logging into Tiktok was prompted to visit too often (suspend) . 
  • I can't imagine who is so boring.

2023.02 - Website updated version 1.3.

  • Fixed a lot of bugs, but nothing really changed. My programmer friend is too busy and maybe pays him a little too little. (∩_∩)O haha) Self-deprecation

2023-02-25 11:38:33 - The second order came in

  • Thank you Landon V*****t, you have shown me the light and provided the motivation.

2024-05-20 - Site unable to pay, data lost

  • From 2023-November until 2024-May, I always assumed it was normal because of the scarcity of orders. I never realized that this site was unable to pay properly.
  • I started fixing the data from May 20 and the server lost the data completely, I used a backtracking method and looked for caches in Yahoo, Bing, yandex to get it back.
  • The orders for this site have so far returned totally insufficient to cover expenses, hopefully I will be able to get a return for this this year and get a bit of an upgrade for security and for the global nodes. 😄