Returns & Refunds

Author: klein4d Release time: 2024-05-24 12:48:36 View number: 37


  1. You can request a refund before your order is shipped.
  2. Once our goods are shipped, refunds will not be possible, please choose to return the goods.
  3. Orders with personalized service will not be able to be refunded.

Return of goods

  1. Theoretically we do accept returns, but you will need to send the product back and the return shipping cost will need to be paid by you.
  2. We cannot accept return requests for orders in transit as we are unable to intercept international deliveries.
  3. Orders using personalized services will not be able to be returned.

Exchange of goods

  • Theoretically we support, but you need to send back.

Exempt refunds

  1. Product Damage: If it is caused by our problem or transportation, we will bear the loss.
  2. Product Error: If it is caused by our problem, we will bear the loss.