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1、Are the Klein bottles on your website handmade?

Yes, is a website that specializes in the production and sale of Klein bottles.


2、How long does it take for you to ship?

We will ship your Klein bottle within 48 hours and send you an email that it has been shipped.


3、Do you have regional restrictions on shipping?

No, we often ship to all over the world, after you place an order, we will ship to you, some regions may not be able to ship, we will promptly send your E-mail address to inform you, you can cancel your order at any time.


4、Is this website safe for shopping? What if they are damaged?

Yes, please rest assured that your purchases on this site are safe. If they are damaged or lost in transit, we will reship them for you free of charge.


5、Do you support cash on delivery?

We are sorry~! We do not support cash on delivery for now.


6、Do you support returns?

In principle, we support returns and exchanges, but you may need to pay the return shipping costs yourself. Therefore, please confirm the accuracy of your purchase to avoid unnecessary losses.


7、I buy Klein bottle as a gift, can I laser engrave on Klein bottle?

No, laser cannot engrave on high borosilicate glass. If you need to send it as a gift, we support leaving a message in the order, including laser engraving on the wooden base (short text or line pattern) and writing a greeting card on behalf of the pen.


8、Do you do it yourself?

We mostly outsource to professional glass blowing stores and produce some ourselves to ensure that our supply is not affected by outsourcing. This gives us enough time to spend on design and packaging, as well as running this website.


9、Where are you located?

We are located in China, which has the largest concentration of glass blowing in the world.


10、How to buy Kline bottles

Choose the model you like, pay for it and it will be delivered worldwide by international courier to reach you.