Klein bottle lamp: medium size, hand-blown glass 3D model

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Klein bottle - one-sided, no boundary, very mysterious.
It is hand-blown, the raw material is high borosilicate glass, it is non-toxic, highlighting the curve of the bottle.
For those who appreciate the mixture of mathematics and art, this is a magical gift!



≈ 6cm (width of the rounded belly), height ≈10 cm.




  1. Self Research: Only the bottle
  2. As a Gift: Klein bottle + tote bag + gift box + card + infusion tube + USB Colorful lamp base.
    • Can be laser engraved on the original wood base.
    • Supports about 50 characters.
    • Supports linear patterns.
    • Supports text.



  1. Handicrafts are not guaranteed to be perfect and may have minor imperfections.
  2. If it arrives damaged or broken, I will Shipping it again for you.
  3. Please do not use it as a water glass, as it is a closed loop inside and not easy to clean.
  4. Please do not inject dangerous materials.