Klein bottle: alcohol lamp shape, handmade glass blowing 3D model

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  • The Klein bottle itself is an unusual item. Is this bottle not quite the same as an ordinary bottle?
  • Yes! It looks like an alcohol lamp and is hand-blown from non-toxic high borosilicate glass.
  • So! Isn't this gift even more special?


≈7cm (width of round belly), height ≈8.5cm.


① Self Research: Only the bottle
② As a Gift: Klein bottle + tote bag + gift box + card + infusion tube + USB Colorful lamp base.

    • Can be laser engraved on the original wood base.
    • Supports about 50 characters.
    • Supports linear patterns.
    • Supports text.


Product Description.

  1. Handmade cannot guarantee perfection and may have Slight stains or defects.
  2. If it arrives already damaged, please contact us and we will resend it.
  3. Please do not use for food.
  4. You need to inject the liquid by yourself (please do not inject dangerous goods).