Möbius strip: 3D printed mini necklace pendant in 925 silver, Loop, Ring

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This necklace pendant is made of 925s silver material 3D printed, as well as openwork process.

It contains two themes: ① Möbius ring, ② Klein bottle.


It is not just as simple as printing it out, this process is just the embryo making.

It also needs many processes, such as the most important polishing, which is very difficult.

A perfect gift for family, friends, teachers and professors!

Comes with a lanyard, jewelry credit, box and card.


  • Name: Classic Klein Bottle
  • Category: Pendant
  • Craftsmanship: hollowed out, curved
  • Material: Silver AG 925
  • Size: 30×28×12mm
  • Volume: 1322.6mm³
  • Density: 10.26×10³ g/mm³
  • Weight: 13.57g


If you have any questions, please contact me~! I will reply to you within 24 hours.